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Light and Dark Mode Background Images

Is there any documentation clues relating to separate Light and Dark mode Finder background images. Perhaps for a folder background or dropdmg disk image layout background image?

Finder in macOS 10.14 does not change the window appearance for Dark Mode vs. Light Mode if there is a background picture. You should always design your background picture for the Light color scheme.

10.14 Beta (18A371a)
That was our plan. But today we noticed that the Finder window, in Icon view, does change with light and dark mode, Bryce our designer thinks we should to have two corresponding screen backgrounds. Preliminary tests, we tried a png with clear background, but this was always white in both modes.

Not a big deal, and we haven’t tried much, just wondering.

Attached upload PNG showing how it looks here on a MacBookPro Touch Bar with most recent Mojave beta.


It does change if you have no background (which seems to be the case in your screenshot), but if you do have a background it always uses light (on the beta that I just downloaded today). There is no mechanism to specify two different backgrounds at once.