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Limit Mac's Mail to Badge Dock Icon With Number of Only Unread Good Messages

[MacBookPro6,2; OS 10.6.8; Mail 4.5 (1084); SpamSieve 2.8.8]

Is there a way to accomplish the subject? While I’m only getting the sound upon a message getting through to my Inbox–just as I wish–the number that’s badged to the Mail icon on my Dock includes those put into my Spam folder–which I don’t want included.


Yes, you can create a smart mailbox in Mail that includes all the messages that you want to count. Then go to Preferences > General and select the smart mailbox next to “Dock unread count.”

Thanks–and my apology for not having recognized the plain-text purpose of that Mail Preference option that was, all along, staring me in the face.