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Link to existing files

I wish I knew how to write apple scripts. This is a very powerful feature.

Is there a script or a way to display all the links to a particular file?

In other words if I copy and paste a file link i also would need to paste the other link into the master file.

It would be sweet if I could right click on a file and display a list of all the other files that are linked.



I’m working on better ways to do this, but currently you can find the link sources if you paste the record link as plain text (i.e. Paste and Match Style) into another record or note. In that case, you can follow the link by selecting it, Control-clicking, and choosing Open URL. To find the records that have that link, you can do an Anywhere search for the record’s GUID. For example, if the link is x-eaglefiler://open?library=~/Documents/EagleFilerTest/EagleFilerTest.eflibrary&recordGUID=t8GEz67fSEyrXW883UVPqg you could search for t8GEz67fSEyrXW883UVPqg.

I think what you might want is the amazing app called Hook. It lets you manage links between related objects of any type.

Hook – Find without searching

ScreenCastsOnline - Hook for macOS - Preview - YouTube

Using Hook with EagleFiler

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In EagleFiler 1.9.2 (currently in public beta), this now works for regular clickable links. You no longer have to use Paste and Match Style (except if the link is in a note).