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Links to specific pages within PDFs

I would like to build my own personal FAQs with links into
EagleFiler-saved documents. For example, a FAQ for Rails
might be a list of links with this text:

  • create, create!, save, save!
  • assert_tag
  • testing cookies

Some of those might be links to web archives – single pages
with the answers right there in front of me. But others will
be links to a 723-page book. If they’re just links to the book as a whole, finding the
page I want might be several steps of groveling around
inside Preview. (I know about Preview bookmarks, but there’s
one list for everything and, as far as I can tell, you can’t
even order the list.)

Is there a way to do a link to a place within a PDF in
EagleFiler? If not, would this be a useful feature?

I wouldn’t mind editing URLs by hand. (That
is, change


to something with a “?page=213” on the end. I wouldn’t mind
if EagleFiler popped open Preview and told it to go to a
page (rather than using the in-place PDF viewer) – though
it seems that Preview doesn’t have an AppleScript
dictionary. (!?)

No, but that’s a feature I’ve been wanting to add.

Yes, that’s rather disappointing.