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I have upgraded to Lion and manually launched Spam Sieve as directed

SpamSieve is running and Apple Junk Mail is off

I seem to have lost all of my previous training for Apple Mail
I have 2500 spams including emails from myself, people in my address book
and so forth.

What did I forget to do?

Did you do this before or after launching Mail? Did SpamSieve say that it had auto-installed the Apple Mail plug-in?

It’s not clear to me what you’re saying the problem is. Is every message going to the Spam mailbox? Do you see the SpamSieve training commands in Mail’s Message menu?

Sorry for being unclear
Auto install happened, and yes I am getting training options under ‘message’

Not all messages are going to spam, just an awful lot of them

SpamSieve will never put messages from people in your Address Book into the Spam mailbox unless you’ve turned off the address book feature. So my guess is that either your SpamSieve rule in Mail is not called “SpamSieve”, which will cause Mail to move the messages without consulting SpamSieve, or you have some other rule that’s doing this. Regardless, you can use the Open Log command to see whether SpamSieve thought these messages were spam.

the address book pref in spamsieve is ticked, the rule is called SpamSieve - so that appears to be OK

maybe its an apple address book lion upgrade fault?
i am having to add people back to my address book who were previously in there, which may account for them ending up in spam folder

How many messages are we talking about here? Did you mean that there were 2,500 mistakes?

spam is usually around 15-30 messages daily
after the install i had 2500

apple address book is not always even recognising my own email in some instances…
despite the fact that the address appears on my card in the address book app.

i am given the option to add my own address to the address book from the address field. from a message inside the spam folder

If there were 2,500 right after the install, that’s probably due to not disabling the rule prior to updating to Lion.

If you’re saying that you’re seeing 15-30 new mistakes each day, something probably isn’t set up properly. Please send in a report.