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List Column view question for Outlook Import

I’m evaluating EagleFiler to archive my Outlook 2011 emails.
My question is about the default record list viewer format,
Right now I’m seeing the following columns with no way to change this view that I could find

Title (good)
From (good)
Date Modified (useless to me)
File (really showing the enclosing folder)

My inport was done in three pieces, totals 8K records and from folders and nested folders

I’d like to have more meaningfull fields displayed like creation date, To:, attcahments, size.

The manual indicates I should be seeing some of these fields?

Thanks in advace

This shows when the e-mail was received.

This shows the name of the file storing the record, which for e-mail is often a mailbox file.

The number of attachments is already shown in the # column. The other fields can be shown as described here. You can hide and show columns by Control-clicking or by clicking the downward pointing triangle to the right of the column headers.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your reply, but my records window doesn’t have all the colors like yours?
There are no “downward pointing triangles” to click, but when I control click any header I see how to select the missing tabs

Here is a screen shot.

PS I also did find that date modified - date received, I was mislead with the folder dates being date of import.

The blue in the bottom record in my screenshot is from labeling that record. If you don’t set any labels, there won’t be any colors.

It’s at the top-right of your screenshot, above the scroll bar.

Thanks for your great support!