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Local spam folder vs networked folder

I just switched from outlook for mac to Apple Mail ver 4.5 for snow leopard for my IMAP mail account. I have set spamsieve to store spam in a local spam folder. It seems that some messages keep getting stored on the networked spam folder ( about 10% for all spam). how do i stop this.

also in outlook when I deleted mail from my spam folder it would not go to my trash folder it would just be erased. is there a way to do this with apple mail?

Apple Mail and SpamSieve will do what you tell them to do. My guess is that there’s a spam filter on your mail server that’s catching some of the spam and putting it in the server-side spam mailbox.

In the Mailbox Behaviors tab of Mail’s Accounts preferences, you can control whether deleted messages are moved to the trash.

unfortunately the mailbox behaviors does not have any setting for a SPAM folder :frowning:

Is this comment related to the issues above, or is there a new problem that you’ve encountered?

it is comment related to the issues above

just checked with my web/email hosting company. they said there is no server side spam filtering

I suggested that you adjust the settings for the trash. So what makes you think there need to be settings for the Spam mailbox?

The other possibilities are (a) that you have a rule in Apple Mail that’s putting messages in that mailbox, or (b) some other mail program or device is accessing the account and moving the messages.

I only have one rule, it is for spamsieve