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Location of AppleScripts MacOS 11 Big Sur

I believe that the instructions for installing AppleScripts need updating to accommodate yet another change made by Apple as they appear to have dropped the /Applications folder from the path to application apple scripts in OS11 (or is that XI) Big Sur

In order to have AppleScripts displayed on the Scripts menu I placed them in ~Library/Scripts/EagleFiler .

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Which version of macOS 11 are you using? I just tested this and found that the current instructions still work. The macOS script menu recognizes scripts inside the ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/<app> folder, and if you ask it to create a folder for an app that’s also where it puts the folder.

How odd. I’m on 11.0.1. I tried placing the EagleFiler folder in the applications folder which I had to create but the scripts were not listed. The scripts appeared when I put them in MyUserID/Library/Scripts/EagleFiler.

I have just run a test and confirm that if I use the open command the OS creates the folder inside /Applications/AppName but then fails to list the scripts in the menu. I took some screen shots which show what I see on my machine

The folders at the top level are always shown. The contents folders inside the Applications folder should be shown (at the top level, not in a folder) when that app is frontmost. (When in another app, they aren’t shown at all.)


That was the sound of the penny dropping - sorry for the duff info