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Long startup after upgrade?

This has been stuck on this progress bar for about 10-15 minutes. How long should first-time-open take of an existing library after upgrading from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3?

Eagle Screenshot_1.png

There’s no file format change, so I would expect 1.6.3 to be the same speed as 1.6.2 was on the same hardware/OS. Actually, it should be a bit faster due to some optimizations in 1.6.3. Please see this page for how you can send in a report of where the time is being spent so that I can look into the cause.

Thanks for sending the sample log. After launching EagleFiler, had you opened other libraries before this one? The reason I ask is that the sample seems to show EagleFiler stuck waiting for JavaScript garbage collection. EagleFiler doesn’t use JavaScript or Web views before a library has been opened (and even then only if you view a Web page), so either it’s busy doing some cleanup from a previous Web page you had viewed or there is seemingly an odd OS bug where it’s using JavaScript unnecessarily.