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Losing emails when dragging from Spam Mailbox

I have twice lost emails that I aws trying to “drag” from my Spam mailbox back into my Inbox. Any suggestions?


Moving from Spam to Inbox suggests you decided it should not have been put there based on either earlier existing training or a recently done a “SpamSieve - Train as Spam” on that e-mail in the Message menu. If so, rather than trying to “drag” it, I’d suggest in Spam you just select it (and any other e-mails you wish moved at the same time) and then use the Message menu’s “SpamSieve - Train as Good” to have it/them moved to your Inbox.


This method has worked for me in the past. This particular sender is one I generally have treated as SPAM. But on this occasion I purchased something from them and these items were receipts. I do not want this sender to be “Trained as Good” permanently.

Are you using Apple Mail on macOS 10.15? There is an unfortunate Mail bug there where moving messages between mailboxes can instead delete them. This can happen regardless of how you move the messages (drag and drop, via SpamSieve, etc.). Most users are not affected, but if you are there is not a good fix at present. It may work to Option-drag the message to try to copy it instead of moving it. SpamSieve also has a backup feature that you could enable where it will save copies of messages outside of Mail so you can recover any that Mail loses.