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Lost all apple mail flags and gmail stars when training good. Critical failure

All my apple mail flags and gmail stars have been removed. ARGH! It is critical I reverse this.
I am currently unable to deal with urgent client requests. I am unable to find the appropriate emails.

All my flagged emails I used to ‘train as good’ as they are all obviously good emails.

Please can anyone help me get the flag markings back or I have lost months of work and have a critical business emergency on my hands.

I’ve just found the small line that states this would occur, and that it can be turned off. Why would it be enabled in the first place. A warning should be included in the installation. This is very frustrating.

You can use the Open Log command to see which messages SpamSieve has processed. The messages that you trained as good will say “Trained: Good (Manual)”.

The reason for clearing the flags when training as good is that a lot of people use colored flags to sort by spamminess. Thus, they want the spam indicator removed for messages that are not spam. You can control this setting using the AppleMailTrainGoodClearFlags esoteric preference.

I’m sorry for the trouble this setting has caused for you. Although you are the only person to report this as a problem, it seems like a serious enough issue that the default should be changed to preserve the flag colors when training.

This is addressed in SpamSieve 2.9.16.