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Lots of emails in spam before update - help :-(

guys little issue…

I guess when I updated the OS X or something Spamsieve stopped working for a few days… now a BUNCH of good emails are sitting in spam.

How do I fix this correctly?


The title says “before update,” but it sounds like you are saying that the messages moved to the Spam mailbox after the update? Perhaps because the SpamSieve plug-in was not enabled?

Are you using Apple Mail?

You could check the log to see whether SpamSieve predicted these messages to be spam. If not, you don’t need to train them as good; you could just move them back to the inbox.

Sorry it was after I updated the operating system it seems like the plug-in wasn’t activated

And it looks like maybe five days or so of emails and lots of them are sitting in spam that should not be.

Hundreds upon hundreds of emails.

Would take me a day or two probably just to sort everything through.

Wondering if there’s maybe an easier way than dragging each one to its own mailbox manually.

I think you’ve also been e-mailing me about this. To summarize:

  • It looks like the messages were moved without consulting SpamSieve because the plug-in wasn’t enabled. Therefore, they are not SpamSieve mistakes and don’t need to be trained as good.

  • You’re using Apple Mail on macOS 10.15, which for some users can delete messages instead of moving them. However, since you were able to move some test spam messages back to the inbox, you don’t seem to be affected by that bug, so I would suggest marking all the messages (spam and good) from that date range in the Spam mailbox as unread and moving them to the inbox.

  • You can then select them in the inbox (in batches) and choose Message ‣ Apply Rules to have SpamSieve sort out the spam for you.

just did this with 2800+ emails.

looks like when I drag them into the MAIN inbox folder on apple mail, they go to the gmail account - all of them.


I then selected them all and clicked “train as good”.

hope this solves it;

Thank you so much Michael!!!


Mail does not remember which account messages came from. It doesn’t know how to separate messages by account when moving them unless you are moving them from a server mailbox.

No! You don’t want to train spam messages (or large numbers of unprocessed good messages) as good. Use Message ‣ Apply Rules.