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Lots of Spam gettting through, test instruction typo?

Shouldn’t this… “If the message’s category was changed to Junk after Step 4, the rule worked.” instead say “Step 2” instead of “Step 4”?

I’ve got two IMAP Entourage accounts. Spam Sieve works on one and not the other. I looked at the working account and the non-working account to try to see what was different. They appear the same. I went through the self checks and can’t find what’s wrong.

No. The point is that after you set the category to None, applying the rule should change it to Junk. Does it do that for you?

No it does not change it to Junk after Step 4, only after Step 2.

Now what?

That probably means that your Entourage rule is not set up correctly. Please follow the setup instructions again or post a screenshot showing the rule that doesn’t work.