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Love finder label integration! Curious about color tint, pick order

I love the fact that the EagleFiler label system is Finder integrated. It was one of the first signs I had that this was the app for me.

These are two tiny nitpick questions: I’m a bit confused by the display and interface, and was curious why it is the way that it is:

  1. Why different tint?

If the labels are supposed to be Finder labels, why are the colors different? Granted, the colors are all close enough, although the fact that the “blue” Finder label is purplish is constantly confusing until I see a “purple” (burgundy) to compare it to. Is there a reason not to use identical system colors?

  1. Why weird label pick order?

The EagleFiler label selector the inspector displays the Finder system label names (yay!) but doesn’t order by either system preferences style (rainbow order) or by system label name column order (alphabetical) - it seems to scramble them, e.g.:

None (white)
0_Inbox (grey)
4_Someday (green)
6_Misc (purple)
5_Archive (blue)
3_Hold (yellow)
1_ASAP (red)
2_Active (orange)

I’m more confused because the EagleFinder label column view seems to sort correctly (alphabetically), so I don’t understand the inconsistency.

The Finder stores each label by number, and the EagleFiler pop-up menu currently displays the labels in numeric order. I should probably change this so that it sorts alphabetically.

The OS has an API for EagleFiler to get the colors of the Finder labels, but it doesn’t work. (I think it returns the Mac OS 9 colors.) Therefore, I hard-coded the label colors into EagleFiler. I tried to do this by modifying the standard Cocoa colors so that they looked like the Finder ones, but were a bit easier to see as background colors. This is why the tints are a little different, but it’s not a very good reason, so I’ll try to go back and adjust them to look more like in the Finder. Hopefully Apple won’t change the colors again.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.2.1.