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Mac App Store version broken

Today’s update on the mac app store is damaged. I have deleted and re-downloaded 3 times to no avail. As I cannot do my work without it, I have downloaded a trial copy from C-Command and am using that for the moment.

For anyone with a mac app store version, I would recommend not updating till this is fixed.


Thanks for the report. The Mac App Store version is working fine on my Mac, and I have not heard other reports of problems with it. Could you tell me which version of Mac OS X you’re using and what happens when you try to launch EagleFiler? Are there errors reported in Console?

If you had previously installed a working version from the Mac App Store, the direct sale version will find your Mac App Store receipt and run in purchased (rather than trial) mode.

I bought direct

Thanks for the response.
Earlier I made several more attempts to install from the app store and realised this was costing me more than just buying Eaglefiler direct. So that’s what I did.

I originally purchased the app store version in 2011 so after 5 years i didn’t mind buying it again. You can’t imagine the money I’ve given to Adobe in that time and I figure I have better value from Eaglefiler.

Thank you