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Mac Mail keeps crashing

I reinstalled my OS and was setting up mail and spamsieve as normally. It worked at first but then I saw that Mail’s junk function was still enabled so I disabled it and after that it keepes crashing when I open mail. I tried to see if I could reinstall etc but not easy.

Crash log attached.

The problem seems to be that you have two copies of SpamSieve’s plug-in installed. The first is at:


where SpamSieve put it. The second is at:


and I don’t know how it got there, because SpamSieve has never installed into the top-level Library folder. Deleting the second plug-in should stop the crashes.

Thank you very much, I found “another” solution, I deleted all my mailboxes and importet them again that fixed it.

Regardless, you need to delete the second copy of the SpamSieve plug-in, or you risk both SpamSieve and Mail malfunctioning.