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Mac Mail on Yosemite 10.10.2 hanging every time I mark message as Spam

This is something that has occasionally happened in the past, and has got worse since I started using Yosemite in the last month, but right now I can hardly use Spam Sieve at all as every time I mark mail as Spam Mac Mail hangs. It does come back if i’m prepared to wait several minutes, but in the last 20 minutes I’ve had to re-start it 5 or 6 times.

I find Mac Mail on Yosemite very annoying at the moment, due to general difficulties, but Spam Sieve is area I would like to get working in particular.

Please follow these instructions to record a sample of Apple Mail during the hang and then e-mail me the file.

I’ve now received 4 copies from you of a sample of SpamSieve, but what I need is a sample from Apple Mail.

Very sorry, I mis-read first email.

Also sorry to send numerous replies, that is another problem I am experiencing this evening with Mac Mail, it looks as if it is not sending mail, when it is.

I have now marked most junk mail, so may have to wait a little while, but will send the Mac Mail sample as soon as possible.

Just to close the loop on this case, the problem ended up being that SpamSieve was not installed in the correct folder.