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Mac OS Finder Services

I’ve installed Eagle Flyer in Big Sur, and I see this in Finder->Services list:

I’m currently evaluating this app, BUT
Why is this not in English?
Best regards

Normally it is in English when English is your preferred language. You could check System Preferences ‣ Language & Region and see whether the languages are in the wrong order. It sounds like you want English to be at the top.

It’s also possible that the app is damaged (e.g. the English file got deleted). If you send in a diagnostic report I can investigate further.

I have checked the Language & region, and English is the ONLY language shown.
As for the app being damaged, I have my doubts as it is unlikely to have installed if it were.
Since I raised the issue I have decided that this app is not for me and have deleted it.

Just to make it clear those two items in the Services list were the ONLY ones not in English.
No other app that I have installed, has a language issue such as I have described.

If you can open the .dmg file (and don’t click the button to skip verification) that shows that the app downloaded correctly. However, I have seen cases where, when you drag an app to the Applications folder, macOS does not copy all of the files.

It’s also possible that a language override is set somewhere (apparently not in EagleFiler if the app itself loaded in English) or something is wrong with the services database on your Mac: