Mac OS X 14.5 logger

I’ve debug turned logging in a SpamSieve 13.04 AppleScript but I haven’t been able to find the log. Looked in “” to see if it is system log but don’t see any entries. Then looked using log show --predicate '(process == "SpamSieve")' --start "2024-06-16 00:00:00" | grep "Apple Mail. Where can I find the logs? Thanks

Depending on which script you mean, the logging might be coming from the logger process in Console, rather than from SpamSieve itself. The scripts built-into SpamSieve 3 will log from the main SpamSieve process to Console as well as to the error log file.

Thanks Michael. As I started with your script I’m using your technique of using “logger”. I have found the answer. Is this:

log show --predicate ‘(process == “logger”)’ --start “2024-06-19 00:00:00”

You have to search for logger not SpamSieve.

Thanks for answering.