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Mac Outlook 2016 and Standard Junk Email folder problem

I use SS with Outlook 2016. (on Mac with Catalina) Outlook standard Junk Mail folder can’t be switched off and a lot of mail ends up in there … (mostly but not only SPAM) … I can train the good ones with SS but they end up going back in the Junk folder after they hit the inbox again … very infuriating … can anyone help ?

Please check whether there is another computer accessing this mail account that might be moving the messages.

I have two Macs (both running outlook and SpamSieve) and apple mail app on my iPhone … would this cause a problem?

That can work if you follow the instructions on this page. However, if both copies of Outlook/SpamSieve are running at the same time, what you are seeing will keep happening until the message has been trained on both Macs or you’ve added the sender to your Contacts (since that will sync between the Macs automatically and the other copy of SpamSieve will see it).

I have followed the suggestion above and switched SS off on my MacBook but left it running on an iMac. However almost all mail is now goimng to the InboxSpamSieve folder and can’t be trained to go to the normal inbox on the iMac running SS. I am not sure what is going on and hopefully you can point me at some more help resources. Thanks in advance

That indicates that you need to launch the Outlook Filter Mailboxes helper app, as described in Step 5.

Many thanks … that appears to have solved the main issue … really appreciate the help … I still have some email that heads straight to the default Junk Mail folder in Outlook ( I can now train as good on these as well) so not sure how to stop them going there in the first place.

If it’s going to Junk without first going to InboxSpamSieve, that probably means it’s being caught by a server junk filter, so training SpamSieve won’t help with that.