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Mac Outlook/Entourage New Email Account Problem re Access Apple Script

I recently added an IMAP account to my Outlook for Mac 2011. SpamSieve 2.9.7 was already configured for my POP accounts. When I tried to install the rule settings for the IMAP account, I was not able to choose the same Apple Script (as exists for the POP accounts) for the rule “SpamSieve – Move if Spam”. I set the rule to “Run Apple Script” and when I try and choose the Script selections in the Entourage Script Menu Items, they are greyed out and so I am unable to proceed. As a result it appears SpamSieve is not filtering my emails. I have trained it for incoming messages however, but I am not sure if that is working either. Your advice would be most appreciated.

Please see the Setting Up Outlook instructions. There is no “SpamSieve – Move if Spam” script for Outlook. You should be using the “SpamSieve - Set Category” script in the “Outlook Script Menu Items” folder.

Thanks Michael!

I was already set up with Entourage rules for the POP accounts carried over from my old account and they were working. When I tried to set up the IMAP I looked for the Entourage set-up again and didn’t appreciate that the Outlook set-up applied to Mac. Thanks for clarifying!