Mac Ventura--Background Item Added

I am getting a notification on a MacBook Air running Ventura that tells me that Background Items are being loaded by C-Command software. I have Spam Sieve 2.9.50 installed. I do not see C-Command in the list of login items, and it doesn’t appear in the Library>Launch Agents or Launch Daemons folders. Apple support was absolutely useless on this issue.

The launch agent is installed at:


This is needed so that SpamSieve will auto-launch when Apple Mail is running.

I Too am getting this message for over a week or so now, But in my case your
C-Command script is in the list of my login items and is being loaded.

I’m running your software on a M1 MacBook Pro and have this annoying pop up
which occurs twice while everything is loading after startup…

My wife’s MacBook Air is absolutely fine when running your Software
Do i need to uninstall and reinstall your software

Kind regards

There is likely no benefit to reinstalling, since this is caused by a macOS issue rather than something to do with the installed SpamSieve files. I’m working on a new version of SpamSieve to try to work around this and will follow up with you later this week.

Thank you

I’m having the same issue.

The previous poster said that the issue resolved after rebooting his Mac. You could try that, or try installing the public beta version of SpamSieve.

If anyone else is seeing this issue, please see this page.