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Mac / Windows Auto-run

I’m trying to create a Mac and Win compatible CD (with a flash animation.)

The problem I am having is getting the settings correct so that the CD will be readable under Mac OS X and Windows systems.

I can create a CD that has a nice auto-open window on the Mac side. The auto-run files are there for Windows (and tested.) I can use hdiutil to make a hybrid disk, but then I lost the auto-open window on the Mac :frowning:

The process I used was to make a read/write .dmg image so I could set root level icon sizes. Set to auto-open image window with custom icon. All good. Then I went to terminal and did :

hdiutil makehybrid -o CD_Name CD_Name.dmg

Which did make a CD that was readable on windows, but the auto-open window on the Mac didn’t work any more.

Help! What do I need to do?

I also tried converting the image in DropDMG to a CD-R Master (Windows Compatible) but when I burned that, all I got was the .crd file on the burned CD!

The makehybrid command does not respect the disk image’s auto-open setting. So what you need to do is mount the image, make a hybrid of the “folder,” and tell makehybrid to auto-open the folder. Something like:

hdiutil makehybrid -o Image.iso -hfs-openfolder /Volumes/CD_Name/ /Volumes/CD_Name/

That’s probably because you used the Burn File command rather than the Burn Image command to burn the .cdr file.

You were quite right - I did use the burn file command. Mostly because I was on a 10.3 Mac at the time.

Perhaps I should re-word the request - what is the proper way to create a CD that is cross-platform (i.e. OS X and Win XP) compatible?

For extra credit I’d like to keep the custom disc icon and startup opened folder on the Mac side.

Is DropDMG ready to do this yet? If so, what are the proper steps?

P.S. Today I took a r/w DMG image and converted it to a Windows master, then burned the .cdr image. Windows XP only saw an empty disc, while it was perfect on a Mac. I must have missed something…

The proper way is to use “hdiutil makehybrid” to make a .iso image of the mounted image, as shown in my post above.

Yes, those will be preserved on the Mac side.

DropDMG does not support “makehybrid” yet, but it will help you create the first image with the custom icon.

Master images are Windows-compatible in the sense that you should be able to burn them using Windows and end up with the same CD that you would get if you burned them with DropDMG or Toast. But to work with the contents of the image on Windows, you’ll probably need to create a hybrid image.

I found that Toast can do that easily. Check the detail on the below link.