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How do I use spam sieve in my .mac account. I travel frequently and use .mac account often…

If you use Apple Mail (Mail.app) to check your .Mac mail, you can use SpamSieve to filter the messages. However, you cannot use SpamSieve to filter the Web mail except if you leave Apple Mail and SpamSieve running at home when you’re travelling.

I have had problems with apple sync. One time it wiped out all of the categories that I had set in my entourage address book. I fixed it and turned the sync off until your manual said it should be on. I turned it on and despite the fact that my mail address book was established by exporting my entourage address book, when an emtourage entry had more than one e-mail address apple mail sync added the same address back in, so my entourage address book listings doubled. I would have 6 addresses in my entrourage address instead of 3. I have just turned it off.

I am disapointed that spam sieve can’t work at the base level so that it works for my .mac account and works for my blackberry. I guess it will not work on iphone either…

I’m not sure what you mean by “base level.”

If you get your mail via IMAP, you can leave SpamSieve running on your Mac, and it will move the spam messages to a separate spam mailbox. That way, if you check your mail on the road using a Web browser, iPhone, etc. the spam messages will not be clogging your inbox.

This is really the only way it could work. SpamSieve does not install on your mail server. Apple wouldn’t let you install a server add-on on .Mac, anyway. And (so far, at least) Apple has said that there will be no third-party software for the iPhone. Therefore, SpamSieve installs on your Mac.