MacOS 13.2.1 update I'm having to retrain SpamSieve

After updating to macOS 13.2.1 I’m having to retrain the spam filter. Seem that my history of using spamsieve was lost. Has proper full-disk access. Any idea why this happened in a minor OS update?

We have not heard any other reports of problems related to this update. Retraining is almost never the right thing to do. Please start by checking the setup or send in a diagnostic report.

I’ve been using spamsieve for several years, likely the time it was introduced. In general it has worked really well. But right after I updated to 13.2.1 I got an unusual level of spams in my email. I’ve attached a diagnosis report. Appreciate your help in understanding if I have a problem or not.

SpamSieve Diagnostic Report.tbz (6.17 MB)

It looks like all your Mail rules have been lost, so SpamSieve is disabled. You can recreate your SpamSieve rule in Mail as described in Step 3.