Macos Ventura not sending junk mail to trash / automatically deleting it

This used to work and you even had a tutorial for it, which I used effectively.
At this point - with the new version, and while I’m still training emails as junk or good - I’d prefer that SS automatically move junk mails from spam to trash - then I can continue marking the good and bad and later have them auto delete as well.

Is this function available for Sonoma now?

Many thanks

If you had Mail and SpamSieve set up to use the Trash before, that will continue working with macOS Ventura. You can just edit the rule in Mail’s settings:

to move the messages to All Trash instead of All Junk.

With macOS Sonoma, this is instead configured in the SpamSieve settings:

by selecting Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least and choosing 50 from the pop-up menu if you want all the spam messages to be moved to Trash.

Perfect. Thank you!

One last question - how do I then get them to auto delete when I’m confident it’s junk

Post-covid there’s so much more now - I can only think that scammers taught themselves how to spell, then how to design and actually look like whoever they’re emulating.

You can set up auto-deletion in Mail’s Settings ‣ Accounts ‣ Mailbox Behaviors.