Made a merging mistake - wondering how to reverse this error

So far, I am enjoying learning the functions of EF and am impressed. I have, of course, made some mistakes and after fruitlessly reviewing the Forum (my search was not successful), I was wondering if anyone could help me.

SITUATION: I was trying to figure out a way to add the most recent sent messages in my Sent box in Apple Mail to my EF library with the backup I did a couple of weeks ago. When I captured (F1) those new Sent mail messages, I discovered I now have a Sent Message record and Sent Message 1 record. After reading through the Forum, I tried the Merge function and both merged successfully and quickly. Wow… but I was a bit too quick to act next.

Immediately - without thinking things through - I then decided to merge a much earlier Inbox from 8 months ago with my Inbox 1 from a few days ago. The merge seems fine (it’s still indexing 30 minutes later) but I now realize that I have created many duplicated messages (the Inbox has gone from about 30K to about 67K messages). Is there a way to reverse this error without running the Duplicate Messages script (I confess to being intimidated as I have never run any script before)?

I also discovered that I have 2 Finder windows open - Window 1 shows the current Inbox listing 67K messages with an “Indexing messages in “INBOX””. However, Window 2 shows all the records (Inbox and Inbox 1) before the merger - so I was left wondering if maybe doing a Time Machine restore of the library in question might be faster? In other words, I end up with something identical to what I see in that second finder window…

Any suggestions much appreciated, thank you.

If you haven’t done anything else in EagleFiler in the meantime, you can just use Edit ‣ Undo. Or, the original mailboxes should be in EagleFiler’s Trash, and you can drag them out to Records.

Thank you. So obvious once you pointed this out.