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Mail acting inconsistently, affecting SpamSieve

I’m having an issue with Mail in MacOS 12.4 latest beta which is affecting how Spamsieve is working (i.e. it isn’t)

I had to delete and re-create my main email account after the latest beta update, and it shows differently in my Mal client from my other mail accounts.

I use three email accounts regularly. Previously, I had all three Inboxes at the top of the sidebar, and then at the bottom there was a section for each of the accounts, showing the other folders.

However, the recreated account shows the Inbox at the top of the sidebar with a dropdown which shows the folders underneath the inbox. Having it in this format is stopping Spamsieve from working as it’s not processing Inbox items nor is it dealing with things being put in TrainSpam. All the rules are set up properly on the master machine.

All email accounts are IMAP and I don’t think anything has changed on the server, as other clients accessing the email account still show in the old way.

I know this probably isn’t purely a Spamsieve issue, but I don’t care too much about how the account appears in Mail, it matters to me a lot more that my Spam isn’t being filtered!

This won’t affect the spam filtering provided that you select a Spam mailbox in your SpamSieve rule in Mail. (Normally, the Spam mailbox is local, anyway.)

That said, to make the mailboxes appear at the top level instead of inside the inbox, set the account’s IMAP path prefix to “INBOX” in Mail’s advanced account preferences.