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Mail and iCal hangups after registration?


I used Spam Sieve for close to 30 days (still at 45% spam in training) and registered yesterday. Since registering, both Mail and iCal take up to 2 minutes to access (I get the spinning pizza). This is with both applications open. It happens when switching from another application to either Mail or iCal through Command-Tab, the Dock or clicking on a visible window.

This is happening on both a 1-GHz PowerBook and a 2GHz MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.8. I wonder if anyone can advise?


I don’t think this is related to SpamSieve, and certainly not due to registering it, since that doesn’t change the way it behaves at all.

I know it sounds weird (22-year Mac user here), but this all started after I registered the program. In order to help me track it down better, how can I disable SS (and subsequently enable it again)?

You can unhook SpamSieve from Mail by dragging the SpamSieve.mailbundle file out of the folder ~/Library/Mail/Bundles and then re-launching Mail. To re-enable it, just drag the SpamSieve.mailbundle back.

Thank you. I’ve tracked the slowdown to iCal, but I cannot tell what is going on or why yet. Sorry for the out-of-place posting. SS seems to be getting better and better at doing its job. The coincidence with slowdown is too weird. Anyway, thanks again.