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Mail.app and SpamSieve 2.8.7 bundle problem

Running Lion Mail and just updated to SS 2.8.7. When I open Mail, it immediately goes to “Application Not Responding”. Checked Disk Repair, Repaired permissions and restarted and still the same.

When I removed the SpamSieve bundle, everything (except SS) works again.

It would be helpful if you could open the Activity Monitor program and select Mail in the list. When it freezes, choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then save the resulting data to a file and send it to me.

Also, please check the folders:


Which other .mailbundles do you have installed besides SpamSieve?

Via email you have the problem pegged. MsgFilerEngine needs to renamed to zMsgFilerEngine and now Mail works. Clearly some conflict somewhere.

Thanks for the prompt assistance.