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mail.app junk mail filter auto enables

I have 2 macs at home an iMac and a MBAir on both I am using SpamSieve <2.9.6> on Mac OS X <10.7.5> on Mail.app <5.3 (build 1283)>

For the first time today I noticed two never before seen issues after years of issue free use of SpamSieve. I observed this first on the iMac.

  1. The Mail.app Junk mail filtering preference turned itself ON spontaneously. I noticed this when it flagged a message as possible Junk. I immediately turned this flag off in Mail.app preferences. Then I Quit Mail.app and restarted it to discover the Junk flag was back on. I repeated this with the same result. I then tried this on the MBAir and noticed the same problem. Junk mail flag was ON spontaneously. I turned it off. Quit Mail.app and launched it again to find the Junk flag back ON.

  2. On the iMac when I quit Mail.app SpamSieve does not quit as expected. However SpamSieve does launch with Mail.app

  3. On the MBAir when I quit Mail.app SpamSieve also quits as normal and launches with Mail.app

For this Junk mail filtering preference to suddenly start on both of my macs suggests it might be a bug rather than a corrupted preference file.

I have check Software Update and my Mac OS is up to date.

What do you suggest?

For now I will have to turn off Mail.app’s Junk mail option each time I launch SpamSieve.

If necessary, I will delete Mail.app’s preferences on one of my Macs to see if this resolves the issue.

I found no posts on this issue here and one post on Apple Support Communities on this topic without replies at: Junk Mail Filter Keeps Enabling Itself

If you make other changes, such as adding or checking/unchecking a rule, are these saved between restarts of Mail?

Do you have Quit when mail client quits checked in the preferences? Are there any other mail programs open on the iMac?

That poster just wrote:

Michael this is solved as this was an issue with MailTags that has been fixed.