Mail app unresponsive after upgrading to Sonoma 14.4

I’m running Sonoma 14.4. I just updated from 14.3.1 and Mail is unresponsive (spinning wheel). I left it for over 24-hours and it was still spinning. I disabled SpamSieve (v3.0.3), and it popped open.


We’ve not seen any other reports of a change related to macOS 14.4. Please see If Apple Mail Is Running Slowly and send in a sample report if you need us to look into this further.

Thanks for sending the samples. It looks like Mail is getting bogged down downloading the messages from the server, and there also seems to be an internal problem with its plug-in system. I suggest that you:

  1. Uncheck SpamSieve in the Extensions tab of Apple Mail’s settings, while leaving Enable spam filtering using Mail extension enabled in SpamSieve’s settings.

  2. Go to Mail ‣ Settings ‣ Accounts ‣ Account Information and set Download Attachments to All for each account.

I found my problem. My mail itself was bent. Emails that were deleted, kept coming back, etc.
I closed Mail, erased all ENVELOPE* files from Library/Mail/V10/Maildata, started Mac in Safe mode, started mail, waited a bit, rebooted Mac, all is good!
Thank you SO much for your help and patience.


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