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Mail back to the program?

hello guys, I am new here in the forum have a question about EagleFiler:

i have all my mails from my MAC backed up with EagleFiler.

Now my question: is there a way to paste the backed up emails back into my mail on the Mac ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Yes, please see Importing EagleFiler Mailboxes Into Other Mail Clients.

…perhaps I have not expressed myself correctly:

I have created a “smart folder” and now I want to put the contents of the folder back into Apple Mail.

Is this possible and if so then how ?

many thanks

Yes, you would select the messages in the EagleFiler smart folder and choose File ‣ Export, and then import the file into Mail as described at the link above.

Hello Michael,

when I import the files in Apple mail each mail is displayed in its own folder (that’s practically 200 folders with 200 mails)
but I want all the mails just put back in Apple Mail…without folders !

what am I doing wrong ?

Please help thank you Mario

If the messages are stored in mailbox files in EagleFiler, when you choose Export it will make a new mailbox file containing the selected messages. If the messages are stored as individual .eml files in EagleFiler, Export will copy the files as-is. If you would like to combine them into a single mailbox prior to exporting, you could use the Merge Message Files command.