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"Mail could not launch SpamSieve" after update to 2.9.17

Since updating to 2.9.17 when I start Mail in the morning I get an error dialog box with the above title, and it goes on to say “Mac OS X reported error -1712 when trying to launch SpamSieve”

However, Spam Sieve appears to be running - it shows up in the Dock as running, and messages are going to to the Spam folder. Can I safely ignore this error message? And further, is there something I can do to keep the message from showing up?


Yes, you can ignore it if the SpamSieve application is running.

There might be a problem with the launch agent, in which case choosing Install Apple Mail Plug-In and restarting your Mac would probably help.

Thanks, Michael. Forcign the launcher to run and rebooting does seem to have solved the problem. Great support!