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Mail crashing

Hi there,

I´ve been using SpamSieve on a dedicated machine for Spam filtering (as remote spam filter), running on an iMac.

Since a couple of weeks Mail keeps crashing. I have already deleted LSMMap2 numerous times, this only holds for about 24 hours, then mail crashes again.

Could any of you knowledgable people out there take a look at my crash log and tell me what I can do to fix this?

Many thanks

Mail crash log.rtf (145.9 KB)

This looks like a bug in Mail’s code for fetching new messages from an Exchange server. (I’ve seen several reports of this, staring in macOS 10.15.0.) So I doubt it’s related to SpamSieve, although you could try temporarily deactivating the SpamSieve rule and see whether that makes a difference. Is it possible for you to connect to this account via IMAP instead of Exchange?

Unfortunately not, I have multiple Exchange accounts, with no possibility to connect them via IMAP.

Hi, I found a workaround, however one issue with SpamSieve with that approach.

I‘m using a script which restarts mail.app upon a crash. Unfortunately SpamSieve is giving me the message, that it temporarily deactivated the spam filter rules. It is reactivating again when I quit and restart mail.app another time. Is there a way to stop SpamSieve deactivating it‘s rules in mail?


Yes, you could enter this command in Terminal:

defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve DeactivateMailRulesIfPlugInNotLoaded NO

However, if you do this and Mail for some reason does not load the SpamSieve plug-in, you will have disabled the safety feature, and so Mail will move messages to the Spam mailbox without consulting SpamSieve.

It might be better to look into the source of the problem, e.g. is Mail taking an unusually long time to relaunch after the crash?