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Mail duplication when merging mailboxes


I just merged 6 mailboxes together, and I noticed some duplication.

I had one mailbox in a folder “Computer” called “grenouille”. I had 5 mailboxes called “grenouille”, “grenouille-1”, … “grenouille-4” in my Library. I selected all the folders and did a merge, and the 4 messages in the Library “grenouille” mailbox were duplicated.

I tried merging this mailbox and another that has 7 messages and both were moved to the trash and no new mailbox appeared.

Note that the mailbox in question is one that has the weird extra From lines that prevented it from displaying.

Any chance you could send these to me via e-mail, along with the ~/Library/Logs/EagleFiler/EagleFiler.log file so that I can see exactly what happened?

For the record, the problem was because one mailbox had malformed messages which would not display until a recent bug fix, and I had to import the mailbox again to see the messages. So the duplication was because the messages where indeed present twice.