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Mail Error

I’ve installed the demo and am intrigued.

I tried my first Mail capture and get the following:

Capture Script Error
The capture script for Mail reported an error:

EagleFiler cannot capture from the special mailbox “Inbox”. Please try capturing from one of it submailboxes, or move the messages into a regular mailbox and then capture that.


Any help is appreciated.


The main mailbox in Mail.app, ‘Inbox’, is not actually a mailbox. It’s a view that lets you see every inbox you currently have set up. For instance, I have 6 or so mail accounts on my work computer—a couple departmental boxes, my personal box, etc.—when I click on ‘Inbox’, as opposed to any of those individual boxes, it lets me see all of my mail at once. If you click on any of the account inboxes nested under the ‘Inbox’ mailbox, EF will be able to import them perfectly.

OK…that’s extra steps I don’t want to take.

Thanks for the help.

I have a single account, so a single Inbox and I cannot see anything nested under it. How can I access this “not special” folder that should be under “Inbox”?

Thanks a lot.

Dunno if you can, exactly—but I do know that you can make a new folder, copy/move whatever mail you want to store to that folder, and then capture the folder.

Thanks for the suggestion, this is what I usually do, but I find this a bit awkward.

Perhaps if you create a dummy account in Mail (so that it thinks you have multiple accounts) it will then let you access the “real” inbox. Another option would be to create a new mailbox and setup a Mail rule to automatically move your messages there. Personally, I file all of my mail into one mailbox or another, mostly via automatic rules. That way it’s already organized before I import it into EagleFiler at the end of the week/month.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll probably go the second way. I’m still trying to cope with the 100 000 messages that I want to archive…

Not to criticize your email filing system but most of the experts on email recommend NOT using your inbox as a depositary. Your inbox should probably be cleaned out every day and messages either filed to an archive or put into some action folder. Think of your inbox on your desk. You would never use this as a place to store everything. Now having said this, I’m also guilty of storing stuff in my inbox and usually have to go through once a month and clean things out.

A free mail add-on that helps me with sorting messages in “Mail Act-On”. With this tool, I just press ctrl A to file that message to an archieve folder. I also have shortcuts for messages that need special attention. Here is one article that shows how to conquer email http://www.macworld.com/2005/04/features/tipsinbox/index.php

Sorry I was not clear. My inbox is always empty, and many messages go in an archive folder.

What I’ve discovered is that Mail seems to have trouble dealing with folders with too many messages, especially in an IMAP setting. This is why I believe Mail should not be used to archive mail, and I’m looking at good ways to do it using Eagle Filer.

And I use ActOn and MailTags (2.0) daily, I highly recommend them.

If you already have subfolders then archieving them in EagleFiler is easy (just click on the folder and hit your EagleFiler import key). But I see your point if you have lots of folders to archieve. This seems like a good Applescript project. Does anyone know how to write an applescript that would automatically import your chosen mail files, merge these into EagleFiler, and then empty those mail files in the mail app. Oh, and it would be nice if the script could automatically suspend checking of mail during that process.

Merging in EagleFiler is not currently scriptable, but the rest of that should be possible. Personally, I find it easy enough to select a whole bunch of maiboxes in Mail, press F1, and when it’s done choose Select All and press Delete in Mail.