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Mail Hangs with spamSieve Running - Started with 10.11

Since I upgraded to 10.11 a few months ago, I have had nothing but problems with email and spam sieve. I have narrowed it down to one email account. I tried many of the different suggestions on the forum that I thought might be related to see if they would help. Nothing has worked yet. If I turn off the email account (disable it) and then re-enable it, it will work until my computer wakes from sleep and then it will show in the activities window, “Checking for mail” and never go away. It could be doing this behind the scenes and I just don’t know until it wakes. I will not get any emails in my in box. If I stop spamseive (turn off the rule) then the emails will come after force quitting and restarting email. If I dissemble the account, and then force quit / restart email, it seems to work fine with the other 6 accounts.
I have tries the following:

  1. Deleted the email account on my mac and then recreated it.
  2. Deleted the email account on the server and recreated it.
  3. re-installed (removed first) spam sieve. Following the install instructions just incase something had changed.
    I am at a lost as to what to try. Any suggestions. Love the product and dying without it.


When I’ve seen this problem, force quitting while leaving SpamSieve enabled/running also helped.

Have you tried updating to Mac OS X 10.11.2? Hopefully that includes a fix. (I’ve not seen the problem with it yet.)

Thanks. Between the OS update and the new release of SpamSieve today seemed to fix the issue. Not hanging any more.