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Mail? I don't understand?

Pardon my simple question please…

All I want to do is import mail messages and be able to search and view them. When I import, what I get is a mailbox entry for each message instead of seeing a message entry. In addition, I cannot view the entry directly. I must double-click to see a list of mailboxes on the left and I can click on the right message entry to view.

It appears I cannot search any of this imported mail either. I choose “anywhere” and any search I do doesn’t turn up any results within the mail messages.

Any suggestions?



Instead of double-clicking to open a new window, you can also click the triangle next to the Library source to view the list of mailboxes, or select the mailbox in records list and click the Select button.

EagleFiler 1.1.3 does not show messages in the Library source. However, you can select one or more mailboxes in the source list to see the messages (and once you see them in the records list you can search them). The next version of EagleFiler will have an option to show all of the messages in the Library source so that it’s not necessary to select the mailboxes.

In EagleFiler 1.1.4 it is possible to show all the messages in the Library source, and this option is enabled by default.