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Mail in Mail List Still Marked as Junk After Training

This is a minor inconvenience. When training mail captured as “junk” as “Good”, the mail is relocated into the original mail account as designed. However it remains marked as Junk by AppleMail (yellow text in list) such that I have to click the “Load Remote Content” button to see the entire contents. This is probably something that AppleMail is doing but I cannot find how to mark it a “Not Junk”. And, no, the “Junk” icon in the header does not turn to “Not Junk” so clicking it does nothing. And I have “Enable Junk Mail Filtering” unchecked in the Mail Preferences.

SpamSieve normally does tell Mail that the message is Not Junk when training as good, however it’s possible that you had turned this feature off. You can control it using the AppleMailChangeJunkStatus esoteric preference. Some people turn it off to avoid slowness or hanging due to problems with Mail’s own junk filter.

You can also use the AppleMailPlugInSetIsJunk esoteric preference to control whether SpamSieve marks incoming spam messages as junk in the first place.

Fixed. Thank you.