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Mail keeps freezing up and creating recovered messages folders

Mail keeps freezing up and creating recovered email folders, saying it can’t move message to junkmail box. See attached screenshot. It seems to happen a lot with one user when he comes in and uses his computer (which is running an old version of Mac OS), but can happen with everyone’s accounts.

Do you mean that his computer is not the same computer that’s running the SpamSieve drone setup? Does he have any Mail rules of his own?

Correct. We have a mac mini server running SpamSieve in drone setup.

He doesn’t have any Mail rules of his own. Neither do the others.

Ahh, but you made me check something and his Mail junk mail filtering was enabled!

I’ve turned that off now so we’ll see what happens. Thanks for that.

Michael, the problem of freezing up/spam filtering stopping seems to be fixed, but I’m now getting the sort of behaviour as described below (and in the attached screenshot).

Mail is working in the background—including filtering spam—but I can’t do anything with it, I get this spinning blue wheel, and the script is going constantly (and sometimes in duplicate, even triplet). Sometimes that script dropdown will include one or two green “script finished” notifications too. It’s been doing this all week.

Any ideas?

I had to remove the Apple Mail - Remote Training script to stop the problem. I must have something wrong with it or my rules?

There may be a problem with Mail’s database or a large backlog of (possibly invisible) messages that is slowing down the remote training script. I suggest that you enable debug logging in the script, run it manually, and then search Console for messages from the script to see what it reports.