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Mail not coming in when using fast user switching?


I’m using Snow Leopard, 10.6.1, and Mail 4.1, and SpamSieve 2.7.7.

When I leave for work, etc., I leave my mail open, and my account logged in, as I use IMAP, and I use spamsieve to filter my mail while I’m at work. I click the fast user switching icon and choose “login window”, whenever I’m leaving for an extended period of time.

Anyway, this used to work, but now recently I notice that mail isn’t being checked until i get back. Could this be a spam sieve issue, or a mail issue? I have mail set to be checked every minute.

It would be a Mail (or OS) issue, since Mail is what drives the process of connecting to the server. Have you tried using the screensaver lock instead of going to the login window?

I’ve just tested this on a Mac running Snow Leopard, and it does seem that Mail will check for new messages and apply rules while fast-switched out to the login window.