Mail not moving from TrainSpam to Junk folder


I just recently setup SpamSieve on my Mac – which is acting as a drone, I have disabled sleep on it so it is perpetually on. I received a few spam which I moved to TrainSpam folder but it remains there without being moved to “Junk” even after 12 hours and having received new mails since then. Manual recommends that I delete those mails in TrainSpam folder be deleted only after being moved to Junk.

Have I misunderstood the manual? And when can delete those mails?

I’m using iOS and Apple mail while running macOS Ventura 13.1, and iOS and iPadOS 16.2.

Thank you.

If the messages haven’t moved to Junk yet, they haven’t been trained yet, so you should not delete them.

Are you sure that the remote training rule is set up properly—have you ever seen it move messages out of TrainSpam or TrainGood?

You can also test the remote training script by running it manually from the Script Editor app and see if the empties the training folders (or reports an error in the Console app).