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Mail quit without reason

Spamsieve user for a long time … since last update, Mail “suddenly quit” ten times a day … Is SpamSieve involved ? Still with Siera OS …

It’s probably not crashing because of SpamSieve, but sometimes SpamSieve can trigger a crash, e.g. if Mail’s junk database is damaged. There are also other reasons that Mail might be crashing. Please see this page.

Thanks for answering so quickly … I will try to check everything that can can cause mai crash and
next time I will send you a crash report


Mail just crashed …

Here is the report sent to Apple …


Last crash.rtf (125 KB)

Thanks for the crash log. I doesn’t look like this crash was related to SpamSieve or to Mail’s junk database. It’s some sort of internal error/bug checking for new mail from the IMAP server. It might help to do a complete rebuild of Mail’s database.

OK … thank you … I will rebuild the database and inform you of the rest !