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Mail rule activating and deactivating

Hi Michael!

I’ve noticed since the latest update, SpamSieve is activating and deactivating every time I open Mail under MacOS 11.6.8. Meaning, I’ll open Mail and get the deactivation alert, then quit and open again and it will reactivate automatically. Any idea what’s going on?


This can happen if Mail is taking an unusually long time to launch. Does that seem to be the case on your Mac? You can often speed up Mail’s launching by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Rules tab of Mail’s Preferences and uncheck the SpamSieve rule.
  2. Go to the General tab of Mail’s Preferences and click on Manage Plug-ins…. Uncheck SpamSieve.mailbundle and restart Mail.
  3. Go back to Manage Plug-ins… and check SpamSieve.mailbundle. Now restart Mail again.
  4. Go to the Rules tab of Mail’s Preferences and check the SpamSieve rule to make it active again.

Already a vast improvement! Sometimes I assume a slow startup is simply because my iMac is 8 years old and on the latest OS it can handle, since it won’t go past Big Sur. Thanks for the quick support!