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Mail rules act intermittently

I’ve got an interesting problem that probably isn’t SpamSieve, but is involved with Mail rules not operating correctly, and hopefully someone might have an idea.

I’m running macOS 10.14.1, SpamSieve 2.9.45, and Apple Mail 12.1 on an iMac that is on all the time and is used a server to process the mail with both SpamSieve and mail rules.

SpamSieve seems to work fine, with just the normal amount of mail that needs to be trained.

My problem is with Mail rules that I have to sort the incoming mail into special folders by incoming email address. For the past several months (pre-Mojave and continuing with its install), 3 or 4 different senders (and rules) that are supposed to put the email in the same specific joint folder, either leave it in incoming, or put it in trash. It’s the same several senders always, and it’s intermittent of course. Sometimes it works well.

Any thoughts gratefully accepted.

I don’t think I’ve heard of that happening before. Some things you could look at:

  1. Have you configured any server rules that move messages to the trash?
  2. Does anything happen if you select the message left in the inbox and choose Message > Apply Rules?
  3. What about if you drag the trashed message back to the inbox and do that?
  4. If you leave Console open, set to search for the name of your rule, it may catch some information about how Mail is applying that rule to future messages.

Will investigate. Thanks.