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Mail Rules keep disappearing


I am using Spamsieve 2.9.28 with Apple Mail 8.2(2104) on an iMac running OS 10.10.5. The machine does not have any issues; the re-starts noted below are almost always traceable to city Hydro crews doing work without warning).

In the last couple of months, Spamsieve has shut down about a dozen times; in every case this has followed a re-start (it may also be following on a forced re-start, but the sample size is too small to say this with certainty). In every instance, the Rule is not unchecked, it is simply gone.

Can you give me insight into why this is happening?

Thank you,

If the problem is that the rule is gone, that has nothing to do with anything SpamSieve did. It just means that Mail lost the rule. This could be because of a file permissions or iCloud syncing problem. Do you have more than one Mac with the same Apple ID using Apple Mail?

Yes, I do have others, but they haven’t been in use lately; I’ve been depending on my phone when not using my #1 machine. I ran Disk Utility’s Repair Permissions right after composing my question. Perhaps that will put things to rights.

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OK, if you have further problems, please check whether the rule disappears after a normal cycle of quitting and relaunching Mail. Also, since you aren’t using it, you could try turning off Mail syncing in System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options > Documents > Mail.

After behaving for a few days, Rules are disappearing again - this time the disappearances are tightly linked to quit-and-relaunch. Mail is also losing some account settings (specifically, I have an account that I keep inactive; a quit-and-relaunch causes this to become active). I don’t use iCloud Drive.

It sounds like there are file ownership/permissions problems that are preventing Mail from saving changes to the rules or accounts. What does it show if you enter this command in Terminal:

ls le ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/