Mail Server

Hi Michael:

Feels like Old Man Winter is upon us unfortunately. I have the latest SS 3 on my new Mac Studio M2 and it is working very well. Seems to me that on my iMac though I was able to run the iMac as a mail server of some type, even when it was in sleep modeI had no spam on my other devices. With my current setup I see very little spam other than new variants on the Mac. I still get tons on my iPhone and iPad though. Is it my imagination that SS blocked SPAM on my external devices prior to this upgrade or is it just me?

macOS doesn’t have a way for third-party apps to run during Power Nap. So if you’re running into the Apple Mail bug where it stops sending messages to the Mail extension, SpamSieve’s Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension feature will work around this and filter the messages for you, but not when the Mac is asleep. For more information about sleep and Power Nap, please see this page.

As Gomer Pyle would say… "Thank you, Thank you,Thank you. Apple mail had not running, just Air Mail an I hadn’t realized it… Once I turned Air Mail on everything has been working 100%. When something new does pop up I train it as SPAM and POOF it is gone.

As usual Michael, You Da Man!