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Mail still going to Junk mailbox

My wife and I both have iCloud email addresses and we both have mail going to the Junk mailbox–some good and some spam. None of the messages are color-coded like SpamSieve does. I also already know I can’t turn off the iCloud server junk mail filter, so I thought that I could work around that incompatibility by using the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script. I’ve attached screen shots showing both rules I’ve enabled. Any suggestions about what to do next?



Yes, that’s the proper solution, and your rules look good. Have you edited the script to add the names of the accounts that you want filtered? You can test that the script works by running it from Script Editor.

I think I did that correctly. Did I add the names correctly? See screenshots.

I can the script and here’s what still appears.



I think you want this instead:

on accountAndServerJunkMailboxNames()
    return {{"Bill's iCloud", {"Junk"}}, {"Alice's iCloud", {"Junk"}}, {"Alice's MU email", {"Junk"}}}
end accountAndServerJunkMailboxNames

That’s what I needed to do. Thanks, Michael.