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Mail swaps constantly after SpamSieve starts - 10.6.1

I’ve been running 10.6.1 since the update was available, and been running SpamSieve for a couple years. My last login to the forum says 11-1-07 so you can get an idea how trouble-free things have been for me.

However, this morning I started Mail and noticed that my macbook became very very sluggish. After a bit of investigating I noticed that once SpamSieve starts Mail starts consuming as much memory as it can and the machine swaps continuously. iStat showed page-outs climbing rapidly and disk writes at 30+MB/s.

I cleared the font caches, booted into safe mode, used MainMenu to clean out everything it could, all the usual tricks I try, but no help.

I reset my corpus, history, cleaned some of the white and block list rules in SpamSieve; no luck.

After about an hour I found that Mail would operate properly (and not swap) by disabling the SpamSieve rule in Mail. I even removed my mail accounts and created them with new names thinking something was more seriously corrupted within mail. Still no luck.

This is the only report I’ve ever heard of something like this happening. It would be helpful if you could open the Activity Monitor program and select Mail in the list. When it gets sluggish, choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then save the resulting data to a file and send it to me.

As you might guess, now that i’m trying to capture the behavior it stopped.

I’ll be sure to capture the info you need if it happens again. thanks and regards.